our Story

Our Story begins with our founder, Ryan. Ryan was a storefront window cleaner in Chicago and one of his first clients was a small cafe'/roaster. Ryan utilized this cafe' as an office spending lots of time invoicing clients and drinking coffee. Ryan was entranced by the small coffee roaster next to the line cue, and would often engage with the owner while waiting to order his coffee. Ryan slowly kindled a friendship with the owner of the cafe' and soon found himself cleaning less window and spending more and more time in the cafe'. Ryan decided there was a career change in the works.

Ryan quickly gravitated toward sourcing and roasting specialty coffee. Ryan was fortunate through the generosity of his employer to travel to a few countries connecting with coffee producers, and learning more about the process of green coffee buying. This is where Ryan decided he would want to do nothing else but passionately pursue relationships and coffee. He also implemented the first nitro coffee program in Chicago. It was here that he began the beginning stages of what would become Pilcrow Coffee. 

After 18 months of gleaning roasting and sourcing experience Ryan set out to move back home to Milwaukee, WI to embark on a new chapter of life, Pilcrow Coffee. In the beginning stages of Pilcrow, Ryan new he wanted to bring Nitro Coffee to the market of Milwaukee along with a focus on the highest quality relationship coffee he could get his hands on.  The last 18 months have been a blur since but we have seen the fruits of our efforts. We landed first place for our coffee in both America's Best Espresso and America's Best Cold Brew competitions in 2017 along with having a competitor make it to the Unites States barista Championship Competition in 2018.

Ryan and Pilcrow Coffee have come along way from literally looking in on this amazing industry of specialty coffee from outside of that small cafe in Chicago with a squeegee in hand. The future is bright and we cannot wait to see how this story unfolds.