Gahahe Burundi Natural

Gahahe Burundi Natural

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“By our experience, we’ve seen that when natural coffee is dried directly into the patios without shadow, it loses its brightness. So this coffee is harvested, washed, goes to the float tank—we are always trying to harvest only ripe cherries—and then, after washing and removing all the floaters, we put the coffee on the patio and cover it with plastic.

Once the coffee is covered by the plastic, it starts an effect like a sauna, creating condensation. To avoid the condensation going back to the cherries, we remove the plastic and leave the cherries for four hours without protection, then cover it again. Everyday, we do this in rotation for four hours. This goes for 5 days. Then it goes into a greenhouse, an open greenhouse with ventilation, so the drying happens slower.”

Francisca and Oscar’s farm is world renown because of their care for details and willingness to experiment and push the boundaries we are so excited to bring this coffee into our lineup. Selected and Sourced through our friends at Cafe Imports


Red fruit, dynamic acidity, clean finish

Varietals :


Altitude :

1450 masl


Perla Negra Natural

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