Keto Tapasi Papau New Guinea Washed

Keto Tapasi Papau New Guinea Washed

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Keto Tapasi Progress Association was founded in 2008 as an association of smallholder coffee growers in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The organization has around 375 members, who cooperate and despite the vast differences in both culture and language between their heritage groups.

Smallholders typically own anywhere from a couple to a couple-hundred coffee trees, and sustenance farming on these "garden-like" plots is common; they call them coffee "gardens," in fact, rather than farms, and the farms themselves have no names and carry no formal demarcation to indicate where one neighbor's land ends and the other's begins. Generally, the farmer members will depulp and ferment their coffee on their own farms; it is then bought and sorted in parchment at the central mill in Goroka for drying.

Once the coffee is picked and depulped, the farmers will ferment it dry for one to three days before washing it and laying it to dry on blue tarpaulins for three to four days.

This coffee was imported and brought to us by our friends at Cafe Imports.


Tea like body, lingering finish, kiwi, red apple.

Varietals :

Arusha, Bourbon, Typica

Altitude :

1700 masl



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