Decaf Cauca Colombia

Decaf Cauca Colombia

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Our decaf is a blend of coffees from various farmers in the Cauca region of Colombia. These coffees benefit from high elevation, cool nights, and strong varieties.

This decaf is EA or sugar cane processed. This natural processes happens by fermenting molasses into ethanol. Ethanol is then mixed with acetic acid, to create the compound ethyl acetate.

When the coffee arrives it receives an ethyl acetate wash, thus dissolving the caffeine. The bean is then washed and steamed to clean the beans of any remaining alcohol.

When done intentionally, decaffenated coffee can be just as delicious as any other coffee on our menu.

This coffee was imported and brought to us by our friends at Cafe Imports.


Tart acidity, caramelized sugar, graham crackers.

Varietals :

Caturra, Castillo, Colombia

Altitude :

1200 - 2000 masl


Sugar Cane Decaf Washed

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